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September Gardening List : Day 2

This weekend it's all about September Gardening.  There are so many things to do this month that we've decided to make it a three day event.  Today, it's all about pruning, soil testing and fertilizer!  FERTILIZE · Take soil test for new planting areas.  DO NOT pay others to do this for you; Ph soil test kits [...]

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September Gardening List : Day 1

This week and weekend it's all about September Gardening.  There are so many things to do this month that we've decided to make it a three day event.  Today, it's all about planting.  · Fall is a good time to select and plant trees and shrubs. Fall planting encourages good root development, allowing the plants [...]

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A Hinged Trellis is GardenWise

A Foldaway Trellis! It's hard to clean  behind latticework, so a great alternative that allows you to get behind this wonderful garden accent  is to make a hinged trellis that swings open! Start by fastening a strip of 3/4-by-1-inch wood to the wall about one and a half feet from the ground.  Screw hinge plates [...]

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Toad Lily in the Shade

One of my all time favorites, and a recent top choice by  GardenWise as a "must-have" Fall 2011 garden favorite, is Toad Lily (Tricyrtis.)   As I earlier wrote, Toad Lily, with its  beautiful orchid-like white flowers, purple flecks and graceful arching growth habit, compels anyone who gazes upon it to stop and take a closer look. Better Homes & Gardens lists Toad Lily [...]

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They’ll Knock You Off Your Aster

It's Aster Time! The word aster has a Greek  origin and means "star", which is what the flowers resemble. There are many varieties to choose from -- I planted the  Monch Aster in my garden a couple of years ago, but for this post, I'm going with the New England Aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae) for its striking and contrasting colors of purple and [...]

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Break a Sweat and Get Garden Fit

Buff Gardeners are GardenWise Many who have a passion for gardening know that working with plants can be  good for us both physically and mentally.  Gardening can be a  moderate,  and sometimes strenuous form of exercise that incorporates many important elements of accepted exercise regimes, such as stretching,  repetition and movement, and even resistance principles similar to weight training, while burning [...]

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Edible Petals for All

We started to follow @DCLadies on twitter last year and soon we were visiting their fabulous site each week. They're a "Forty something mom and her twenty something daughter" who team up to give their users an eclectic mix of what's fun, fashionable, and just plain fabulous from the D.C. area for women. Well, Shelley [...]

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Fall is Tulip Time!

Mid-October through Mid-November is the peak time to plant Tulip bulbs.  I always think of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Betty Ramsey compete for the best tulip garden in CT, and wax flowers play into the plot.  But there's no need to fake it!  Plant your bulbs now for tulips that will make your garden guests [...]

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Water, Water Everywhere!

Water Fountains are classic Gardenwise When you think about your outside spaces, take it to the next level and add a water feature!  Fountains and water features come in many interesting shapes and sizes and can deliver transforming results. There's something about water and the sight and sound of it trickling and tumbling over stones and splashing into a pool.  It's one of [...]

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Bring your family into the garden

We're always looking out for fun and simple family garden  projects -- last  season we wrote about a fun Fall project centered on planting bulbs for Spring.   Now you and your family can start your herb and vegetable garden indoors!  Yes, starting cool season seeds indoors is a great project for the whole family.    Cool Season Seeds Indoors Cool season [...]

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