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Riverwood Residence

Mark saved the mature Oak trees and maintained the existing topography in the rear gardens, which helped bring this newly constructed English Tudor style home to life with rich landscape and a private patio space. The front garden was a blank slate except for a large ornamental Red-leafed Japanese maple to the right of the home. The tree grounds the home and shields it from the street, while an added grove of Heritage river birch trees create an another visual barrier. A new concrete aggregate driveway with a border of Belgian block carries into the new flagstone front walk and generous front entry landing. A mixture of evergreen shrubs against the home with masses of flowering perennials, ground cover, and spring flowering bulbs are placed throughout. Facing the home from the rear, a rustic boulder path and staircase lead to the private flagstone patio which is surrounded by a stone seat wall accented by a pair of stone piers which frames a view back to the “Shade Garden”. A circular lawn area, overhead tree canopy, and surrounding woodland plantings complete the garden.

  • Christian-Wolanin
  • 2013