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GardenWise’s February Garden Tips

On Monday, we talked about what you can do in your garden during the cold winter months to prepare for Spring.  In addition to our tips, the Washington Post came up with a few more ideas for the month of February: Spray For Pests Now -- Spray roses, fruit trees, and other ornament prone to mites, scale and lacebug [...]

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DC’s Landscape Firm GardenWise, Inc. – A Smith and Hawken Afterlife?

A Smith and Hawken Reinvention? Smith & Hawken was a go-to garden retail outlet for many gardeners in the U.S.  I visited my local stores in the Washington, D.C. area  in Georgetown, McLean, VA and Chevy Chase, MD, many times over the years going back to the 1980's. I was as surprised as everyone else to read just over five months ago that they were going out [...]

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Washington D.C. Garden Designers GardenWise, Inc.

If you live in Washington, D.C., consider the different landscape and hardscape spaces you can create to occupy the space between your home and the street.   In the district, front garden spaces can be a major challenge as some of our front doors can be a mere 3-5 feet from the sidewalk/street.  As a native Washingtonian, I've faced these very challenges for many years with my own homes, and I'm here to remind [...]

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D.C. Garden Design GardenWise, Inc.

A well designed garden can be like adding a room to your home.  And  I'm  passionate about creating landscape designs that can change how my clients use and enjoy their outside spaces.  Below are before and after pictures I took with my iPhone of one of my favorite Washington, D.C., projects this year.   The D.C. homeowners are just terrific, and they allowed GardenWise to go all [...]

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GardenWise, Inc. D.C. Landscape Second August Episode of HGTV’s CURB APPEAL

GardenWise's Second August Episode of CURB APPEAL It's a busy month for GardenWise as Mark is featured in his second episode of CURB APPEAL this month, airing on HGTV on Saturday, August 15th at 7PM. In this program, Mark creates a more classic look for homeowners Matt and Chris who wanted to put their own stamp on their home with a more open and welcoming approach.  Mark replaced the dated and uninspired entrance with a bold [...]

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Arlington Landscaping with GardenWise, Inc.

Arlington Landscaping Before & After My clients Mimi and Quinn Smith in Arlington shared GardenWise's recent work on their blog, Defining Sienna, which is named for their beautiful two year old daughter, Sienna.  I thought I'd share the blog post with everyone. . . Mimi, Quinn, and  Sienna had a backyard that was unusable; covered with ivy, no entertaining areas -- but with [...]

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GardenWise, Inc. DC Landscaping Tips

July 2009 Garden Tips! It's a season record...three days without rain! Does that mean we need to start paying attention to watering again, yes it does. It is remarkable how fast the many inches of rain will become unavailable to many garden plants and planters. As always, it is important to monitor garden beds, lawns and especially [...]

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Architectural Elements are Garden Wise

From Garden to Landscape For those creating a master garden plan, think seriously about enhancing your landscape with architectural design elements. Earlier we talked about how these types of elements, patios, arbors, walkways, etc. will serve as much needed bone structure for any garden space. By adding a garden gate and some fencing that can [...]

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