12 Steps Intro to Container Gardening

//12 Steps Intro to Container Gardening
  1. Start off with a lovely container (be sure it has drain holes) and place it where it is going to live before you fill with heavy soil.
  2. Chose plants that are related by flower color and sun tolerance.  Vary in some plants with texture and with varying heights.
  3. Wear gloves! Makes cleanup easier at the end and doesn’t dry out your skin.
  4. Add Filter Fabric (Weed Block Fabric) to the bottom of the containerLearn more https://youtu.be/-tSVmLZXn98?t=31
  5. Mix in equal parts Superfine Soil Conditioner
  6. Mix in equal parts ProMix Peat Moss
  7. Mix in equal parts Compost
  8. Leave a few inches at the top and then position your plants with the taller plants in the middle.
  9. Use ground covers along the edge to eventually drape down the outside of the pot.
  10. Water with a gentle stream being careful not to knock out the soil.
  11. Brush off your container to look perfectly polished!
  12. Now take a photo and post it via Instagram and tag us (@gardenwise.co) so we can see your lovely work!
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