We started to follow @DCLadies on twitter last year and soon we were visiting their fabulous site each week. They’re a “Forty something mom and her twenty something daughter” who team up to give their users an eclectic mix of what’s fun, fashionable, and just plain fabulous from the D.C. area for women.

Well, Shelley and Sarah deliver, with original content ranging from DC events, DC style, DC Food, and stories for everyone in and out of the district to enjoy.

Today, GardenWise invites the DC Ladies and their followers to think about growing edible flowers. Edible petals — Lemon balm, lavender, Violas, and more! It’s a fun and simple project with delicious results you can include in some of your favorite recipes.

And remember to include “the” in the URL when you go to their site, http://www.thedcladies.com