When transforming a small empty area into a usable space, select a theme or style as you would for any garden, but think small scale in its development.  When buying plants, shrubs and trees, look for the words “dwarf”, “compact” and  “miniture”  attached to your favorites.  Less  is  more,  and  a  theme provides a single focus which allows you to enjoy the landscape as a whole instead of being distracted by out–of–place  details.  Click here  to  see a  before  and  after  of  a  “zen”  garden  I  designed  and  installed  which  introduces peace, tranquility and intimacy  to a previously unused, small and barren space. The water feature we installed surrounded by river rock serves as a  great  focal  point which introduces you to the space before leading you in a counter clockwise direction through the garden and the intimate seating and entertaining areas.