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Trees and Shrubs as Privacy Screens

 I worked Francesca Clarke at AOL's  DIY Life Network on a feature story about creating green structures with trees and shrubs for privacy in your garden and outdoor spaces.  There are many options available for all budgets and timelines, depending on how soon do you need a privacy screen from a neighboring home or structure and how quickly you want to block  unwanted  [...]

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Come-And-Come-Back Flowers are GardenWise

Flowers All Summer Long If you cut your flowers instead of dead-heading them, they'll flower for twice as long. This will leave you with a beautiful garden space filled with colorful, scented blooms throughout the summer. Here are some of my favorites: Crocosmia, pictured below, adds an exotic touch to your favorite home grown arrangements. This Gladiolus relative [...]

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Fall Family Garden Fun

Fall is a great season for family time in the garden.   One fun way to teach children about nature is to purchase different colored flowering bulbs to plant in your garden for next spring.  The best time to get your bulbs into the ground is a 3-4 weeks before the soil freezes, so this is a perfect time to start planning your upcoming day in the garden. After choosing which [...]

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“Green” Garden Sheds are GardenWise

Garden Shed Inspiration for Better Homes & Gardens I want to build a new garden shed in my backyard this summer.  This is an idea I had last summer and it never happened, so I'm moving it to the top of the "to do" list for this year.  Most homeowners will agree, there's no such thing as [...]

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Going Native

Native vs. Exotic Native Plants are defined as any plants that occurred in North America before European settlement. Exotic Plants, or non-natives,  are those not originally located in North America and your specific region.  Plants that are native to where you live have evolved and adapted to your local conditions.  Once established, they require very little attention, very little watering, and they're resistant [...]

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If Anything Can the Can-Can Orange Can

Can-Can Orange Calibrachoa Looking to add some  fantastic  color  to your garden spaces, but  also  want something new? Add an eye-catching splash of orange to your beds, borders, and  containers  with  Can-Can  Orange  calibrachoa.   Offering  lots  of  bold tangerine flowers marked  with  dark  red-orange  veins, this flower can take full sun, but the trade is it [...]

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Water, Water, Everywhere: Recycle Water in the Garden

Green Living Tips - Rain Barrels! Landscape Architects have been on the cutting edge of combining sustainable and green trends with land use planning for decades.  Now there are numerous  affordable green garden steps  you  can take in your own garden spaces that will greatly impact our environment.  Today  our Green Living tip falls into the Water Conservation category;  recycle water  by [...]

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Adding New Color is GardenWise

New Colors Can  Transform your Garden   An exciting and inexpensive way to bring the "pop" back into your garden spaces is to add new colors to your existing color pallette for a nice dramatic change.  Each winter we look forward to new and interesting color ideas for the upcoming year.   There have been new Petunia colors  over  the past [...]

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Shade and Fruit Trees are GardenWise

Environment and Energy Saving Tips -- Plant Trees A thoughtful way to live a greener life is to make your landscape eco-friendly and  plant trees.  The addition of a tree in your land- scape is an immediate  green step you can take as trees absorb CO2 and other dangerous gasses while they replenish the atmosphere with oxygen. Canopy trees, and Deciduous trees that  grow tall and [...]

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Phlox ‘Miss Lingard’ is GardenWise

A Sophisticated Lady As we approach April, you  should  already be thinking about your summer flowers, and beautiful  Phlox  'Miss  Lingard'  is a  mid-summer  GardenWise  favorite!   With a spectacular  clump-forming habit, 'Miss Lingard' has  spikes  of sweetly scented,  refined pure white flowers that are disease resistant, so you won't have to deal with that powdery mildew mess you sometimes get with other types of Phlox. Phlox [...]

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