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April is Landscape Architecture Month

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] April is Landscape Architecture Month, which encompasses Earth Day on April 22nd  and  Frederick  Law  Olmstead’s  birthday  on April 26th.  Olmstead is considered to be the father of American landscape architecture, as is Andrew Jackson Downing who designed the landscape architecture surrounding the Smithsonian here in Washsington, D.C. I'm  a  Landscape  Architect,  and I designed/installed my very first outside architecure [...]

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Grouping Groundcovers Together is GardenWise

We've written a lot over the past two years about losing at least HALF of your lawn areas to create a "greener" more eco-friendly garden. Losing some of your lawns areas is a fantastic way to make your garden space less water needy -- and it will introduce new options to make your landscape current [...]

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Bye-Bye Winter Blues!

Floral Spring Fragrance…Yes Please! There’s nothing better than the approach of spring when things start to come alive… except maybe one.  The idea that soon you'll walk out into your yard, take a deep breath, and realize all your hard work on your landscape has paid off.  It looks and smells wonderful!  When this happens there’s nothing better and I [...]

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Two For One — Shrubs as Garden Accents

Something I often think about is how to get as much as possible out of a garden space. I keep my eye out for multi-purpose planting choices, and like to include multi-purpose items.  A fantastic way to add a colorful and textural interest to a garden space is to use an eye-catching shrub as a garden accent, which will give [...]

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Gardening in the Months of Spring

As the warmer weather approaches and we find outselves leaving the house without a wool cap and gloves, here are some March gardening tips for Mid-Atlantic gardeners.  Even on this rainy day you can start making plans for your March garden work, incuding bulb planting.  Pictured are Narcissus bulbs I'm preparing to plant. * Once the soil warms [...]

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Add Natives That Require Less Water

On this 95 degree day, you may want to think about replacing your plants with more eco-friendly choices that will require less water each week. Some plants require water almost everyday.  You don't need to replace all of these plants, especially if they are your favorites.  But you can substitute many of these problem drinkers with attractive [...]

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An Apple A Day

Featured Image (Above) : Walled North West Washington, DC Garden perfect vehicle for espalier fruit trees. You can eat an apple a day when you grow them in your own garden. Apple trees are readily available with varieties for almost any region and climate. Apple trees make a beautiful addition to the landscape providing fragrant [...]

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Look Ahead to Fall : Day 5

Yellow Twig Dogwood This week, GardenWise concludes its five favorite  Garden Delights, in no particular order, for Fall 2011.  Yesterday we looked at the strking Aster, heated things up with the Dwarf Burning Bush, and earlier marveled at both the Toad Lily and Pink Muhly Grass.  Today we're showing off the Yellow Twig Dogwood. Many know of the Red Twig Dogwood, which is [...]

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Look Ahead to Fall : Day 4

Get off Your Aster!  This week, GardenWise continues to  look forward with our five favorite  Garden Delights, in no particular order, for Fall 2011.  Last week we heated things up with the Dwarf Burning Bush, and earlier marveled at both the Toad Lily and Pink Muhly Grass.  Today is day four of our series, and we’re showing off Asters! There are so [...]

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September Gardening List : Day 3

 This weekend it’s all about September Gardening.  There are so many things to do this month that we’ve decided to make it a three day event.  Today, it’s all about water and your garden spaces.  WATER  Maintain the water level in your water garden. Keep fountains and water features properly maintained.  As we approach winter, be sure your [...]

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